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At true dentistry Bolton we recognise that confidence is key to leading a happier, more successful life. Studies show that the first thing most people notice about you is your smile.Many of us have not had the benefits of wearing a brace when we were younger and wearing a fixed brace now may not be too appealing! At true dentistry in Bolton, we offer expertise in invisible advanced orthodontics (invisalign clear braces) from teens to adults, to improve a wide variety of conditions and problems.

Quick Straight Teeth™

This system with its average treatment times of only six months mean a quicker treatment period. It uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires so is barely visible. Appointments are fast and comfortable. This option is typically less expensive and more cost effective than traditional braces.


This system consists of a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that you change every two weeks for the next set of aligners. This brace allows you to transform your smile comfortably without interfering with your day-to-day life.

Quick Straight Teeth

Many adults are self-conscious about smiling or speaking in public because of crooked teeth. However, it is now possible to have the smile you have always dreamed about in just six months.

Quick Straight Teeth is an innovative orthodontic system that uses clear braces and tooth-coloured wires to ensure that it is barely visible, even close up. By focusing on the teeth that show when you smile, Quick Straight Teeth can deliver life-changing results in just four to nine months (six months being the average treatment length).

This system is particularly popular with adults who want to continue with their daily lives without feeling embarrassed or self-conscious about wearing a brace. It is also typically less expensive than traditional braces, retainers or veneers, making it a realistic option for a wider range of people.

Once we have confirmed that Quick Straight Teeth is the right treatment for you, our dentist will take a mould of your teeth, which will be sent away to a special laboratory so that custom made braces can be made for you. Once the braces have been fitted, you will be invited to attend true dentistry once a month so that they can be adjusted.

Quick Straight Teeth is ‘a revolutionary combination of proven orthodontic techniques, modern materials and innovative thought’. The system is comfortable, safe and hygienic, and delivers outstanding outcomes for the majority of patients.

To find out whether you are a candidate for Quick Straight treatment, contact true dentistry today and we will be happy to give you more information.

Invisalign™ clear braces in Bolton

Invisalign orthodontic treatments gently straighten your teeth through a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that you change every two weeks for the next set of aligners. Each aligner is individually manufactured for your teeth, and your teeth only. This system is virtually invisible and allows you to smile confidently without having to worry about unsightly traditional braces.

Forget unsightly metal braces

Invisalign uses custom moulded clear aligners, which offer virtually invisible orthodontics unlike the traditional ‘train track' braces. The aligners can also be removed at any time to allow the wearer to eat and clean their teeth as they would normally. If you're ready for a smile that transforms your appearance, Invisalign orthodontics is your answer. Although there are many choices out there, no other treatment works as comfortably as Invisalign.

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