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Sports Mouthguards

When you choose True Dentistry for your custom-fitted sports mouthguard, you can expect a seamless and personalised experience from start to finish. We're dedicated to providing you with a mouthguard that fits flawlessly, feels comfortable, and offers unmatched protection so you can elevate your game!

At True Dentistry, we understand the importance of safeguarding your smile while you engage in sports and physical activities. That's why we specialise in providing custom-fitted sports mouthguards, crafted from superior quality materials, to offer unparalleled protection compared to standard shop-bought options. Our focus on exceptional fit and material excellence ensures your smile is securely protected, allowing you to concentrate on your performance with confidence.

Why Choose Custom-Fitted Mouthguards?

  • Superior Fit and Comfort: Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, our custom-fitted mouthguards are precisely tailored to your unique dental structure, providing a comfortable, secure fit that won't distract you during your game.

  • Enhanced Protection: Crafted from high-grade materials, our mouthguards offer robust defense against impacts, reducing the risk of dental injuries and concussions.

  • Optimal Breathability and Communication: Designed to fit perfectly, our mouthguards allow for easier breathing and clearer communication, essential components for peak athletic performance.

  • Long-Lasting Durability: The quality materials and custom fit contribute to the durability of our mouthguards, making them a wise investment for both professional athletes and recreational sports enthusiasts.

The True Dentistry Difference

Choosing True Dentistry for your sports mouthguard means opting for a solution that prioritises your dental health and athletic performance. Our experienced dental team uses advanced technology to create a mouthguard that not only fits flawlessly but also reflects the highest standards of quality and protection.

Personalised Care for Every Athlete

We believe every athlete (professional or otherwise) deserves a mouthguard that fits their sport, lifestyle and dental needs. During your consultation, we'll discuss your specific requirements, from the type of sport you play to your personal preferences, ensuring your mouthguard is as unique as you are.

Don't compromise on the safety and integrity of your smile with off-the-shelf mouthguards. Elevate your smile and your game with True Dentistry's custom-fitted sports mouthguards. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards superior oral protection tailored just for you. At True Dentistry, we're committed to helping you protect your smile as you pursue your passion for sports.

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